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over hand four knot

Welcome to the Crooker Gallery!

Tie-a-Tie.net | Four in Hand Knot
Learn how to tie a tie with the Four in Hand Knot, following step-by-step video . 4 ) Continue by bringing the wide end back over in front of the narrow end again.

Overhand Knot | How to tie the Overhand Knot | The Basics Knots
Overhand Knot Tying Animation (basics) . Animation: Overhand Knot Tying (The Basics) Animation: Overhand Knot Tying. Overhand Knot Tying . 1 2 3 4 5 6 .

Surgeon's Knot | How to tie a Surgeon's Knot | Fishing Knots
It is actually tied as a Double Overhand Knot - which probably explains why it is . After forming the knot, carefully set the knot by pulling on all four ends.

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One-sided overhand bend - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The overhand bend is a knot used to join two ropes together. . by pulling individually on all four strands, and then subjected only to moderate rappelling loads.

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Artist Talk

Free Trainer Activities: Human Overhand
Props Required: Three four-foot lengths of rope per small group. Objective: For the group to tie an overhand knot in the middle section of rope without anyone .