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Ituri Rainforest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
View of Epulu River in the Ituri area. Engraving of Stanley's expedition crossing a clearing in the forest, from his book In Darkest Africa, 1890. Map of Ituri within .

Mbuti people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Map of Ituri Rainforest within the DRC. . In this area, there is a high amount of rainfall annually, ranging from 50 to 70 inches (127 . The Civilizations of Africa.

Ituri Forest, Congo (DRC) - Wildlife Conservation Society
The dense trees, vines, and fallen logs in the vast Ituri Forest provide habitat for the shy, endangered okapi, forest elephant, owl-faced monkey, antelopes, .

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Inhabitants of the Ituri Rainforest: In the Arms of Africa
Author, Roy Richard Grinker, In the Arms of Africa: The Life of Colin M. Turnbull. . In the Arms of Africa. Inhabitants of the Ituri Rain Forest. Mbuti Pygmies and .

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the Living Africa: the land - Ituri forest
The Ituri Forest is a dense tropical rain forest in the northern part of the . It covers a vast area of over 24300 square miles (62900 sq km) of land in central Africa.